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I do not envy God for heaven because I am happy to live in Sicily.

Federico II di Svevia

Sicily has always been a land of great inspiration for poets, writers, artists and thinkers. And we, as a wedding photographer in Sicily, can only confirm the beauty of this island. There are many factors that make it ideal for celebrating your wedding. Every place, whether it is a historic residence or a more natural environment, offers very suggestive scenarios that we photographers are happy to capture together with your emotions.

Sicily boasts a truly varied tradition due to its historical past characterized by a succession of foreign rulers such as Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Bourbons who gave rise to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Each of them imported part of their customs, contributing to the formation of the complex and articulated tradition that today characterizes the island. Architectural beauties mix with the scents released by the numerous citrus groves cultivated in front of the sea, creating a unique atmosphere for your ceremony.

Those who choose to get married in Sicily will certainly find a wide choice of extremely interesting locations. Having been the strategic and commercial hub of the Mediterranean, it boasts more than 200 medieval castles, the most famous of which are of Swabian, Arab, Norman and Byzantine origin. Unconquerable fortresses at the time, today they are “enchanted” places, perfect for celebrating the crowning of one’s love. The romantic atmosphereis guaranteed and for us it is always a joy to create wedding reportages in these timeless places!

In addition to the castles, elegant receptions can be organized in exclusive villas and historic residences used as locations for ceremonies such as the Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort, the Casa a TrigonaPalazzo Manganelli and Villa Chiaramonte Bordonaro. While those who want a decidedly more intimate and informal impact, can organize a civil ceremony on the beach and pronounce the fateful phrase together with the sound of the waves. The sunset will be your accomplice, giving your union the most magical atmosphere ever.

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