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In Sardinia you can describe the colors. The shades do not. Because the shades change every second and fill your eyes with amazement.

Fabrizio Caramagna

Your wedding reportage in the magnificent Sardinia

Nabis Wedding Photographer is the best choice for your Sardinia destination wedding photographer. It is always an immense pleasure for a photographer to make wedding reportage in Sardinia. Every moment of the ceremony will be surrounded by the beauty of the landscapes and the bright colors of nature. We will capture your emotions through the unique colors of Sardinia, where the cobalt blue of the sky joins the turquoise of its crystal clear waters.

The beaches of Sardinia ideal scenery for your wedding

There are couples who, after spending a holiday in Sardinia, remain so fascinated by its beauty that they decide to get married in this beautiful land. The white dunes and the crystalline sea lend themselves to a romantic ceremony on the beach. The numerous structures in the area offer views and dreamy atmospheres for an unforgettable photographic reportage.

The most popular destinations is the Costa Smeralda, the coastal stretch of Gallura in the north-east. With its beaches of fine white sand, coves and transparent water, it has great naturalistic significance. The Costa Smeralda is also famous for its unbridled luxury which has its fulcrum in Porto Cervo, once a small fishing village, today a destination for elite tourism.

Nabis choose the most luxury locations in Sardinia

In Sardinia there are many locations where you can organize a truly exclusive wedding ceremony. From the luxuriant 5-star resorts like Il Colonna Resort with a breathtaking view over the bay of Cala Corallina, to the small charming hotels. From large historical structures such as the ancient Convent of San Giuseppe in Cagliari, to residences surrounded by greenery on Mount Limbara. Whether it’s luxury, intimate or shabby-chic, the atmosphere of your wedding in Sardinia will be truly spectacular.

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