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“Il suo abito di zaffiro
l’isola conservava ai suoi piedi,
e nuda sorgeva nel suo vapore
di cattedrale marina.
era di pietra la sua bellezza.
in ogni frammento della sua pelle rinverdiva
la primavera pura
che nascondeva nelle fenditure il suo tesoro. (…)”

We too, as wedding photographer in Capri, are never immune to the charm of this timeless land during the reportage at the wedding.

Pablo Neruda dedicated lyrics to Capri every single day, during his stay on the small island.

Today, as many years ago, the charm of Capri remains unchanged and continues to make every single visitor dream with its cobalt blue waters and the irresistible mix of floral and citrus essences that pervades every single alley of the island.

We love to create photographic reports for ceremonies along the rocky alleys full of vegetation. The shades of blue of the Mediterranean sea mix with the bright colors of the flowers and the white houses shine among the rocks, creating romantic and surprising settings. We happily photographed married couples in the Gardens of Augustus, at the Certosa, in the Villa di Tiberio and in the square with its sparkling shops.

Getting married in Capri means exchanging promises in front of the Faraglioni – the stones thrown by Polyphemus – and making a wedding reportage in Capri allows you to frame your love in a riot of natural beauty. Capri is the ideal location for those who want an exclusive wedding ceremony with a glamorous touch. Nostalgics of the “Dolce Vita” will love strolling around the square with 1960s cars while the most romantic will be thrilled by the most suggestive sunset of the Gulf of Naples.

We worked as a wedding photographer in Capri in the neo-classical Villa Lysisfor civil ceremonies; at the Lido del Faro for superb receptions under the warm light of the sunset; in the monumental church of Santa Sofia in Anacapri; to the luxurious Hotel Caesar Augustus with its spectacular terrace; to the white church of Santo Stefano in the central square of Capri, to the Riccio, the exclusive Beach Club.

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