31 stunning photos of award-winning weddings from around the world

Many of the award-winning weddings took advantage of the beauty of the natural world.

For instance, the mountains of Portugal were the perfect backdrop for Sarah Ware and James Woznicki’s wedding.

Other planners embraced the beauty of indoor venues.

Some planners opted for bright colors to make a splash at their weddings.

Others went for a more neutral look.

A lot of planners made their clients’ weddings stand out with entertainment.

Special effects helped weddings make a splash.

The Belief Awards celebrated destination weddings.

Natural landscapes made for the ideal wedding for some.

Local color brightened each celebration.

Simple but meaningful additions, like floral archways, show a planner’s touch.

Venues can set the tone for a wedding day.

Some couples loved their smaller weddings.

Others had a blast celebrating with big parties.

The weddings highlighted the beauty of the countries in which they took place.

Some couples with winning weddings had church ceremonies with modern twists.

Others had stunning outdoor ceremonies.

The planners created fairy-tale weddings for their couples.

They can also help couples honor their cultures on their wedding days.

Themed weddings made a splash in the Belief Awards.

The planners also created unforgettable moments for their clients.

Anna K. Frem planned Jessica Sakhaee and Nick Fox’s destination wedding in Italy, working to blend together their Jewish, American, and English heritages. The duo wanted an elegant and classic affair. 

During the celebrations, the couple strolled by stunning Italian architecture, immediately making their event feel timeless.

Nabis Photographers photographed the wedding. 

Experiences were integral to many of the winning weddings.

The winning weddings put the needs of the couple first.

Other winning planners turned a couple’s wedding day into an adventure.

The cities just added to couples’ already special days.

The contest highlights how planners can elevate a wedding.

Some of the winners spotlighted candid moments between couples.

Fun was at the heart of many of the weddings.

Overall, the Belief Awards show how stunning weddings can be all over the world.