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Nabis studio

From his experience in wedding photography developed over the course of many years, Massimiliano Magliacca created the studio Nabis Photographers. His passion for photography, his experience in the field and his ability to capture unforgettable moments and emotions are the pillars that form the photographic vision of the studio. In 2000 Chiara Ridolfi joined him, learning from him a spontaneous vision to describe the events and sharing his painstaking attention to detail in creating and reinventing the image. Over the years, Massimiliano and Chiara have seen rewarded in several world associations of wedding photographers a lot of their photos. The professionalism which characterizes NABIS photography and video has enabled the studio to offer services in Italy and abroad as well as to collaborate with some of the most important industry magazines. The unrivaled quality of both its colour and black & white photography is defined by its elegant and refined stile and by its ability to reflect the personalized taste of each couple. The great care with which the materials are selected (fine art photographic paper for printing black & white, albums made by artisans in leather) make your day unmatched. The images and video, which represent the perfect synthesis of artisan tradition and ongoing stylistic research, create a visual portrayal rich in atmosphere and authentic emotions.